We always welcome any gifts; either for the free shop or for ourselves to put to use in the social centre.

Give us a shout if you want us to come and get it from where you live, give us a shout from the street if you want the gate opened to deliver it or, if you like, just drop it over the fence and we’ll pick it up in the morning if you’re in a rush.

We’re in desperate need of:

  • Bicycle tools –
  • Industrial size cooking pots
  • Mugs/cups/plates/cutlery
  • Gardening tools – shades, shovels, seeds/plants
  • Ladders

Other things we need:

  • General house supplies -Lights, speakers, old computers, tables, chairs
  • Paper, pens, paints and other handicraft materials

We’re welcome to accept most things but we don’t want to become a dumping centre. There are local recycling centres, charity shops and a council collection scheme all available in this area. We can though put so much stuff to use at 195 Mare Street so keep us in mind the next time you’ve had enough of that old dress, buy a new toaster or simply feel very generous and want to give us something very special.

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