Language School

Hey! Welcome to the 195 Language School! There is some information and timetable of classes. Get involved!

Each language will be taught ideally for 3-4 hours a week split over two sessions; students will be expected to be able to attend both sessions and do homework at the teachers’ direction.

All students should try to arrive exactly on time, because the gates to the 195 will be closed before and ten minutes after the advertised time of starting.

There should be no smoking or drinking/drugs to be consumed during lessons.

We will ask for small donations towards the costs of organising the language school, buying materials, and general upkeep of the space; donations are on a voluntary basis, though students may be asked to contribute a small amount of money at the end of each class if they can afford to (if you do not have any money, you will not be expected to contribute- so please don’t worry about giving a donation- we would rather you came to the classes).

All students must bring their own pens, paper, and materials as we do not have funds for providing these.

Below is the current schedule of classes in the Language School (from 7th of October):

French (Beginners): Tuesday 3.30 p.m., Friday 1 p.m.

French (Pre-Intermediate): Tuesday 3.30 p.m., Friday 1 p.m.

Italian (Beginners): Tuesday 3.30 p.m., Friday 2.30 p.m.

Russian (Beginners): Tuesday, Thursday 7.30 p.m.

Spanish (Beginners): Tuesday, Thursday 9 p.m.

German (Beginners): Friday 7.30 p.m.

Portuguese (Beginners): Sunday 7.30 p.m.

English (Advanced): Sunday 9 p.m.

English (Intermediate): Wednesday, Saturday 4 p.m.

It is likely we will also be teaching Japanese, Arabic and English (Intermediate) but they have not yet been scheduled or confirmed; if you are interested in learning one of these languages or have skills in teaching them then please get in touch by emailing us, coming by or commenting on this post.

We are always looking to expand the Language School, so if there is a language you would like to learn, or that you have the skills to teach please contact us as above.

There are already some language books in the social centre library, but they are mostly in German. We really need books in/about all of the other languages that we intend to teach; if you have any books in French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, English, Japanese or any other languages it would be greatly appreciated if you could donate them.

For more information, questions, or proposals, contact us @: 195languageschool(at)gmail(dot)com

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