Regular Events

Opening hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 3 – 6pm

Come on in, check out our space, read some leaflets (or bring some of your own), talk to us about life in Hackney or elsewhere and absolutely come get some awesome free things. We’ve got loads of women’s clothes, plenty of children’s stuff, shoes, books, CDs… the lot. We would love your donations for the free shop so if you’ve got something old then hang it up yourself.


Bicycle workshop///     Sunday and Monday 2 pm. to 6 pm

Held either on the ground floor, basement or outside. With the closure of Frampton Park’s free bicycle workshop, we’re filling the gap. Using skill sets from volunteer bicycle mechanics we can teach you to fix your bike, add or remove parts, give it a good clean and lube or just have a cup of tea and hang out. We welcome extra volunteers so if you’re keen to help out then just arrive with or without tools and begin helping others. We kindly ask for donations for use of parts but we will never demand money if you can’t afford it.

Comedy Improvisation////     Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm

Led by a fantastic tutor in a safe environment, come and have a laugh and a giggle. Comedy improvisation is made up of different exercises to get you going – normally given a scenario with a partner and having to act it out.  If you’ve watched ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’  Its very much like that show. No acting experience necessary,


Join us every Thursday for public kitchen when anyone can get involved and cook for a big community dinner. We’ll also be doing a film screening on our lovely projector (of course a different one each week) and the bar will be open afterwards so hang around and chill out for a bit. Happy happy vibes

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