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195 Queerlective Meeting

Calling all LGBTQ+++++, undefined, non normative, weirdos freaks and all others under the sun; this Friday (25th) at 6:30pm we will be having the first meeting of the 195 queerlective (like a collective but queer as f***). In short, a few of us queers who call this house home have decided we want to start putting on queer events/happenings/things; we’re not sure exactly what we want to do but so far ideas include queer film nights, a reading group, music stuff, and self defense and we want other people who might vaguely consider themselves represented by the queer definition to get involved. Friday will be a meeting to discuss ideas and plan for the future- regular meetings/events may follow, but we’ll let you know!!!!

Friday, 6:30Pm
See you there.
Free tea/coffee- bring nice things to share…..

Official Opening Night 11th October

After 6 weeks of repairing, cleaning, and imagining The 195 is now, almost, fully functioning and ready to go. To reiterate this point, we invite everyone to a showcase of the space; where we will come together to enjoy live music, vegan food, and general merriment.

The event will take place on Friday 11th october (one for the diary) and will run from 7pm-late; donations towards running costs, paying bills etc greatly appreciated.

In the mean time, The 195 Freeshop is open Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-6pm, we have comedy Improv on Tuesdays from 7pm, and film screenings every Thursday from 7pm; we are also running a language school which currently boasts lessons in Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, English, and Russian (for full details of classes and times see Language school Post). Volunteers to help with the general organisation, cleaning, and bringing new ideas/projects to the space will be greatly received.

More details of the opening event including list of performers etc to be posted soon on our blog; see you on the 11th!

Upcoming events!


If you want to learn new languages or teach one of languages you know – this meeting is for you! What we already have are English, Spanish and Russian teachers but what we still need is French one! So come over and participate!


We would like to see a regular vegan café run and organised by volunteers in this social center. At the moment we are in the process of building the kitchen, making menu and so on. So if you are interested to participate – you are very welcome to help and get involved, it can be started just with your help!

And we want to remind you that we have our free shop opened every day from 2 p.m to 6 p.m., bike workshop takes place every Sunday and Monday also from 2 p.m to 6 p.m and on Tuesday we will have Comedy Improv!

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