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Lets keep 195 Mare street open

Right now we’ve got a great vibe going on, everyone sitting outside listening to chill music; the free shop is on display and we’re cooking up vegan burgers. Lots of people have been coming in to see what we’re up to and grabbing some stuff from the free shop – everything for free, they can’t always believe it.

DSCN6549 DSCN6558 DSCN6561

We’ll be doing the same tomorrow, letting people see that we’re here and that we want to do something positive for the community. So many people are keen to start running their own workshops and start making use of this amazing unused and abandoned space. We can’t wait either.

Join us on Thursday for lots of free food on the BBQ, popcorn, music, bubble show and lots more. We’ll also be having our free shop outside so come and get yourself some freebies.

Earlier on in the day we found 3 men knocking at our door. They told us they were contracted to come on Thursday and knock down the walls of the building, pull out the floor boards and pull out the plaster from the walls.  One guy became the ‘owner’ and said that he was going to knock down the building so he could build luxury apartments. The land registry is yet to be updated with who the new owner is, and if its only just been sold there in no way that they have been granted planning permission to do anything. The building cannot be knocked down or damaged because of this, and there has yet to be an owner who has been willing to invest in restoring this beautiful building.

We’re not sure how they intend on damaging a listed building to build flats without planning permission; there is nothing on the planning register that states any planning works to 195 Mare street at present. While this building is being left to rot away, we intend on making as positive use of this space as possible. Come and join us and make this an amazing space for everyone 🙂

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Making progress

Its been a pretty productive week, and the building is starting to look like a community center more than it ever did. We’ve been meeting lots of new people everyday and there has been real positive vibes circling this place.

On Saturday, we had a BBQ – beans were boiled in the morning to prepare the burgers and we creativity stacked up concrete blocks laying around to make ourselves a BBQ. We had a last minute sweep and the place looked amazing.

Early that morning, we received a donation of 3 fridges and some mattresses form the hostel next door. The fridges are well appreciated- food can last so much longer and we won’ have to worry about wasting anything. So if you’re wondering, I don’t think we need any more fridges right now. But we would happily take a working washing machine off your hands.

Vegan burgers on the BBQ

Vegan burgers on the BBQ

Greg's amazing vegan burger mix

Greg’s amazing vegan burger mix

Through out the afternoon, lots of people passed by and joined us for a while, checking out the building and admiring the space. There was a moment when it began to rain and again creativity was pulled out the hat and we managed to make a canopy shelter. It was pretty impressive for a quick job.

To make things even better, a neighbor of ours dropped us a sofa, which we now proudly have in our front garden

Later on, the bubble making happened. A few of our crew started making bubbles in front of the house, attracting lots of passers by and children.

DSCN6507 DSCN6510 DSCN6513

Locals are really interested in what can be done with the space. One man was shocked when I told him that we wouldn’t be charging rent to use the space – “free?” he asked. The pleasant surprise he displayed when he realised that people here were not interested in profit was beautiful.

When it started to get dark, we began to move ourselves insides with cushions, bean bags and mattresses. A few people shared their awesomeness playing and singing with their guitars. We even had a guy juggling on the stage. It was a great night and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

We all took a well needed rest on Sunday.

Now Monday, we’re back to work. We’re working on fixing up the toilets for the social center so thank you to everyone who already cleaned out the toilets – now we just need to make them work properly and we can open up our doors to you all.

We’ve got lots of talk on things that will be happening here at 195. Its confirmed that we’ll be running a bike workshop and a juggling workshop and later on someone will be dropping off a projector so we can host a film screening.

We will also be hosting our first ‘official’ event tomorrow, so we are pretty excited about meeting lots of new people – and catching up with old faces 🙂