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Happy Thursdays @ 195 Mare street

Hey, everybody! Thank you for coming to our opening night last Friday, it was amazing! So many people, great music, nice bar, fire show outside, bmx show inside, bubbles everywhere!

And now we want to invite you to our HAPPY THURSDAYS’ events: free shop, public kitchen, screenings, bar open. Everything starts at 7 p.m., free shop is open from 3 p.m. Come and spend some time with us!


Also check the language school schedule, there are few changes and few more classes. All classes this Saturday are cancelled and also Italian classes are not going to happen next week. Sorry for that!

Hope to see as many of you later as possible!


Filmmaking Workshop 6th October 7pm

A quick announcement, and I’m really sorry for the short notice, but there will be a meeting tomorrow at 7pm for those of you interested in filmmaking with a view to starting a regular workshop. If you’re interested in film, at every aspect: writing screenplays/documentaries, sound, lights, cameras, acting and post production, then your all welcome, whatever level you’re at.


(Rock Around The Clock, 1956)

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for budding filmmakers to meet like minded people and get films made but now you can. 195 is offering a free workshop to meet energetic people, get projects off the ground and skill share creativity to  improve your filmmaking. So I hope to see as many of you tomorrow, Sunday the 6th of October at 7pm so we can get our feet of the ground.

The evening standard got us

I mentioned the other day that Evening standard had come round to see us. They didn’t publish the next day, but they got round to it yesterday. Click here for the online article.

I was saddened by the fact that there was nothing positive written in there.  It’s seriously disappointing that Linsday (the journalist) said she would write a positive piece, but of course couldn’t guarantee that the editor would keep it as it was, thus she said she would email us the original. That never happened. In way, what was we to expect – from I have heard the evening standard are partly owned by the daily mail. Whether this is true or not I am not sure. As someone naive to the media, I imagine either that they are really bad at listening and recording information, or that they have their own motives to what they want to get across to the people who travel on the London underground – I assume its the latter.

The ES mistakenly thought this notice was ours - and the dead mouse. They were there when we got there

The ES mistakenly thought this notice was ours – and the dead mouse.

I logged onto the evening standard website, hoping to post a lovely positive comment (what good I was hoping for I am not sure).     ‘awaiting moderation’ – but they never added it to the comments..

I personally, am not letting this moment pass by as nothing – it’s easy to ignore it and think, “well its just another negative press”… but when we are personally involved and I know that this has been inaccurately presented I can’t help but have to address the injustice in this. If there was nothing I could do, I would do nothing, but as I am aware that I can doing something. I will do so. Keep posted for the next steps.

Anyway on a more positive note, on the 3rd September, The Dalston Eastern Curve are kindly donating us compost for our front garden – and the Good Gym will be delivering the compost by running with it from the garden to 195. Yes a bunch of runners are going to dig up compost and run with it to here 🙂  What a fantastic idea!!  We’re really excited to get our garden started. Before the compost arrives, we’ll be having a gardening work day to toil the soil, so if you’re interested in helping us out, keep posted.

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Open Day Wedneday 14th

Open day

Join us from 10am – 5.30pm to help make this place ready to become a fully functioning social center. Our lovely Max will be making banana pancakes for all the early risers 🙂

We’ll also be making a skipped food dinner for all the people who worked all day.

7pm  – Get involved and join us for an open meeting to share any ideas and energy you have. Everyone welcome!

The more people that get involved, the quicker we can get our feet off the ground. We have an amazing space to be put to good us. There’s a beautiful theater stage and bar area and lots of space in the basement, as well as a great sized front garden.

Things to do:

  • General cleaning of social center space
  • Fixing roof of social center toilets
  • Gardening and planting
  • Share lots of energy and enthusiasm 🙂