Open Evening/Event Tomorrow!

Despite the problems with C.S. Solutions and there C.E.O James Patrick Casey entering our home, cutting water and causing criminal damage the show will still go on and this friday (11th) when we will be hosting our opening event and social.

From 7pm we will have vegan dinner by donation and acoustic music; later there will be live bands a BMX show, live synth performance, and dj sets from Olia (Noise/Electro Trash), Marco Antonio Marcesan (Groovy, Techno, House), and Munya Jumo (boundary Pushing Electronic Music).

Entry by Donation- see you there.

2 responses to “Open Evening/Event Tomorrow!

  • anghuah

    Sorry heard about the broke in the house ,damaging doors,also other problems your guys N gals facing….next time ..if they break in catch them n tie them,spread hot chile at them…keep on with the good work, effort you all put in….sure..the law of karma will happen in good way….happy blessing from Penang island.

  • jpayne89

    Hey had a great time last night, music and food was great!
    Was wondering what the name of the band was with the two guys? – one on guitar and one on keyboard/synth/something, they were awesome


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