Keeping it moving

Yesterday was pretty eventful. We were first graced by Max and his mushy pancakes 😉 before getting to work. It was a bit of a slow morning, but as the day went on the energy began to pick up and more people began to arrive.  We carried on cleaning up the inside of the building and later on people came over to help with the garden space.

Many people were walking off the streets to come and have a look at the building – people are really interested in the building’s history and it got me probing into doing some research online about the building.  It’s been through a lot of people and the structure of the building has changed dramatically. Jack even gave me short tour this morning of the original wallpaper – its pretty impressive stuff, being inside a building with so much age and energy attached to it.        Click here if you’re interested in the building’s history.

Loulou got inspired and began painting a banner to hang from the building


And it looks pretty awesome..  However this morning the wind got the better of it so it needs some readjusting..


Some worked in the garden and others on cleaning up the theater space. We’ve also managed to make a temporary roof over the toilets of the social center so that rain water doesn’t make its way in anymore. It rained over night, we checked on it this morning and saw that IT WORKED..   yaaaaay

DSCN6490 DSCN6494

We also got creative the other day and painted a notice board to put up outside – painting is always fun 🙂


We held a meeting at 7, everyone sitting in a big circle by the stage area. We were hoping to speak to local residents and discover what kind of ideas they had. Already having spoken to so many people during the past few days, we are starting to group ideas together of the kind of things we can do here.

There was a good show of unknown faces, as well as many familiar ones. It soon became clear what kind of things people wanted or expected from the space. The creative energy expressed by people is inspiring and infectious, and receiving criticism always gives us something to think about . Local residents had lots of ideas and suggestions and we also received some good advice from people previously involved in other social centers.

We definitely will have activities happening in the garden, there’s talk of a bike workshop and many people are willing to run their own activities.

We’re hoping to have a small fundraiser for the center on Saturday, so any ideas for that would be amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has been helping us over the past few days 🙂   We still got loads to do but with our energy and enthusiasm, we’ll be able to prepare this space in no time.


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